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A business phone system is one of the most critical components of an organization. Most of the existing phone systems are based on-premises, or in many cases have not been configured properly to meet the demands of the modern workforce. These systems are not able to offer true business continuity.

With Prime, you will only pay for what you need. We will evaluate your current system, and we will work closely with you to design a custom solution that is tailored to your business needs.

Our systems are very user friendly, and the learning curve for your business staff is normally minimal. A plethora of features is available:

• The phone system can be deployed remotely, without requiring anyone having to be at your location, keeping it a safe option for all parties
• Announcements can be setup (from anywhere through a web browser) to inform all callers about the business's operational status, hours and other relevant news and updates when they dial in and while on hold
• Extensions can be setup on all your employee mobile devices, which will allow them to make and receive calls as if they were inside your place of business
• Ring groups and queues can also be setup, which can allow the front desk employees to answer inbound calls as well as transfer them to the appropriate person, all from their own existing mobile devices or a desk phone • Each employee will be able to listen to their voicemails from their own mobile device, and return calls to existing or prospective clients from the business's phone number; not their personal cellular phone number, maintaining their privacy • Within the same system, you have the capability to host web conference meetings with your clients.

Feel free to contact us for a demo, learn more about the system, and discuss customer success stories.

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