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high performance hosting services exceeding your business needs

Website Hosting + Application Hosting + Public Cloud + Private Cloud + Distributed Systems

Prime Internet Group has partnered with some of the premier hosting providers worldwide. Whether your website targets a single and specific geographic region or a wider far encompassing worldwide audience, we are here to assist you and your business’ needs by coming up with the best possible solutions for you and your company.

Is the mission of your website critical? Do you need the highest possible performance, uptime, and redundancy? We will consult with you and provide you with a variety of options, custom tailoring one which is the best fit for you and your expanding business needs.

Our services range from traditional hosting accounts to accounts that are flexible and automatically scale horizontally &/or vertically in near real time, increasing the amount of CPU and RAM resources, or nodes to meet demands. Our solutions are able to surpass your traffic demands, and increase availability by providing geo-redundancy.

Lastly our extensive experience in complex network design, systems administration, optimization, security, and API’s, allows us to integrate applications, and/or public and private clouds.

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